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The New ViBR8 Technology

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Look At All The  GET-FAB-ABS Benefits You May Achieve


Anti Aging
Burn Fat
Lose Weight
Reduce Cellulite
Build Muscle Tone
Promote Circulation
Increase Flexibility
Increase Bone
Density Improve
Varicose Veins
Minimise Back Pain
Look Fabulous!


"19/12/10 I have only had 6 shots of the machines and i feel great not only that they say you loose a dress size with in 3 weeks ive lost weight after 6 shots so im well on my way. i also suffered from back pain, since using the machines i havent had any problems. love it wish i had 1 in the house" Amanda

"5/1/11 I was going to a wedding and bought a size 12 dress which was a bit tight but after only 9 session i fitted into it and everyone told me i looked great" Lauren x

"13/1/11 I am delighted with how i feel over all. This session along with a controlled diet has worked for me. Dieting alone in the last few months has been frustrating for me. Now after a month on the Flabelos machine i feel so much better in myself have lost weight and inches and hope to continue to do the same until i get to where i want to be. i have lost 5lb and 6 inches from hips to bust"  Marion

"21/2/11 Just finished 30 sessions. Have lost 15lbs and gone from a size 18 to a 14. lost 4 inches from my waist 2 at the stomach and 2 inches from my hips. Get-Fab-Abs is magic." Fion J x

"20/3/11 Hi been coming to Get-Fab-Abs for 4 weeks now and was well chauffed and went to buy a new dress and was able to fit in to a smaller size."  Margaretanne

"20/4 i have lost half stone using Get-Fab-Abs havent even been on a diet certainly loosing the inches." Jeanette x


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